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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Windows Azure Training In Hyderabad

Windows  Azure Training Institutes in Hyderabad

Windows  Azure Training In Hyderabad

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               ORA SAPS SOLUTION is a one of the top ranked institute for windows azure training in hyderabad .They providing best quality training for Windows azure online training  with well experienced professionals.
Contact number:+91-7093623273
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Branches/Location: Hyderabad INDIA
Training mode: Online
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 about windows azure:

The Windows Azure Platform is the Microsoft solution for cloud computing. The Azure Platform provides operating system, database and application services that simplify administration, streamline maintenance and reduce costs. This course provides the knowledge to build and deploy applications that utilize the Windows Azure Platform using Visual Studio and .NET.
Windows Azure is gaining more popularity in Cloud Computing and most of the Organizations started to explore Azure and planning their cloud deployment, Microsoft made Azure as a flexible platform that provides extended support far and beyond.

Course Content: 

Getting Started with Windows Azure
 Cloud Computing - an overview
 Benefits of Cloud Computing
 Service models of Cloud Computing
 Deployment models in Cloud Computing

Windows Azure Features
 Windows Azure platform
 Various features of Windows Azure
 Concepts of Windows Azure

Publishing Azure Solutions
  Azure management portal
  Creating Cloud solution
  Web Role
  Worker Role

Azure Websites
 Azure websites Vs Cloud services
 Creating a website using gallery
 Publishing ASP .NET website to Windows
 Azure website using FTP
 Using WebMatrix

Windows Azure Service Bus
 Service Bus Basics
 Hosting WCF service in Azure
 Relayed Messaging
 Service Bus Queues

Windows Azure Storage

Windows Azure SQL Database
 SQL Azure architecture
 Provisioning a database
Adding ASP .NET provider support
Migrating data to SQL Azure
 Windows Azure Caching

Azure Access Control Service
Introduction to identity
 Widows Azure Access Control Service
 Integration with ASP .NET

Windows Azure Media Services
 Microsoft media platform
 Build workflows for creation,
management and distribution of media


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