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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Informatica MDM Training In Hyderabad

Informatica MDM Training Institutes In Hyderabad

Informatica MDM Training In Hyderabad

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ORA SAPS SOLUTION is a one of the top ranked institute in Informatica MDM training in hyderabad .They providing best quality training for Informatica MDM training online with well experienced professionals.
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Branches/Location: Hyderabad INDIA
Training mode: Online
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Informatica MDM Course Content:

Module 1    : Introduction 
    Introduction Of MDM
•    Master Data
•    Master Data Management
•    Capabilities of Master Data Management 

•    Data Base Server
•    Application Server
•    Application(UI) Layer

•    Installation Information
•    Data Base Configuration
•    Users Creation
•    Access setup to Users
•    Metadata Manager
•    Enterprise Manager

Module 2    :  MDM Data Model 
    Data Model Components
    Data Model Explanation (Project)
    Relationships Configuration
    Lookups Configuration
    Data Flow in Real time and Batch Process
Module 3    :  Configure Stage Process 

    Detailed Stage Process 
    Mappings ( Simple and Complex) and Properties 
    Cleanse functions  (Reusable and Non-Reusable)\
    Delta Detection and Audit trial
    Run and Monitor Stage Jobs
Module 4    :  Configure Load Process 
    Detailed Load Process
    System Control Objects (System Tables for Load Objects)
    Trust Configuration 
    Validation Rules Setup
    Apply Null Values
    Cell Update
    Allow Null Update and Allow Null Foreign Key Update
    Run and Monitor Load Jobs
Module 5    :  Configure Match Process
    Match Process Overview
    Match Process Types (Exact and Fuzzy)
    Match Path Configuration and Match Path Filter
    Match Columns Configuration (Exact /Fuzzy)
    Match Keys  (Fuzzy Match)
    Configure Exact Match Rule  (Auto /Manual)
    Configure Fuzzy Match Rule  (Auto /Manual)
    Configure Match Filter in Match Rules
    Configure External Match
    Run and Monitor Match Jobs
Module 6    :  Configure Merge Process
    Merge Process Overview
    Configure Auto Merge
    Configure Manual Merge
    Configure Merge Settings
    Configure Unmerge Process
    Run and Monitor Merge Jobs
Module 7    : Configure Batch Process 

    Batch Viewer -  Run a single Job 
    Batch Groups - Run Multiple Jobs
•     Batch Group Configuration
•    Batch Group Execution
•    Batch Group Monitor  (Status of Jobs and Load Stats )
•    Re-Run the Batch groups

Module 8    : Configure Data Access views 
    Creation of Queries
    Creation of Custom Queries
    Creation of Packages
Module 9     : Configure Data Management Tools 
    Record Management
•    Active / Pending/ Soft Deleted Records
•    Match Ready /Merge Ready/Consolidated record
•    Unmerge On Merged records

    Merge Manager
    Data Manager
Module 10    : System Information and logs 

    Hub Console Logs
    MDM Server Logs 
    Application Server Logs (Cleanse and Match )
    Data Base Logs
Module 11    : User Objects 

    User Exits 
    Custom Objects
Module 12    : Secure Access Manager 

    Over view and Purpose of Secure Access Manager (SAM)
    Secure Resources
    Roles Configuration and Assign Privileges to Roles
   Users and Groups Creation 
   Assign Roles to Users/Groups
Module 13    :  Hierarchy Manager 
    Over view and Purpose of Hierarchy Manager (HM)
    Hierarchy Manager Components
•    HM Entities and Entity Types
•    HM Relationships
•    HM Profiles
•    Hierarchy Management

Module 14    :  Service Integrated Framework (SIF)
    SIF Framework
    SIF Manager
    Generating SIF APIs ( ORS Specific and Generic)
    SIF Request Object with Example
    Using JMS -Inbound & Outbound

Module15    : IDD Configuration and IDD Screens
    Overview and Importance of IDD (BDD- Business Data Diector)
    Creation of New Data Governance Application (IDD/BDD)
    Configure Subject Area Groups
    Configure Subject Areas
    Configure Subject Area Childs
    Configure Subject Area Grand Childs
    Match Paths Configuration
    Cleanse Functions Configuration
    Data Security based on Rules assigned to Users/Groups
    Configure Default Values based on Users/Groups   
    Configure Static Lookups
    Configure Dependent Lookups
    Modification on Existing Application
    BDD Configuration file
    Metadata Properties and Error Bundle files
    Task Assignment (Manual Merge) to the Users
    Import /Export /Validate and Deployment of IDD Applications
    Search Queries Configuration in IDD Screens



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